Digital Voice

Photography​ & Visual Creativity

Photography is an important part of my digital storytelling, as it allows me to capture moments of beauty, memories & truth, & to trigger emotions, awareness & action. All with the mission to preserve what we have left of Mama Earth & to inspire people to get out to explore.

You can, therefore, find my humble portfolio below, with a focus on nature, adventure, experiences & sustainability. FYI, all visuals you see on this webpage, are mine – if not stated otherwise.

Photo editing & graphics

One of my core pleasures in life is photo editing. I love to make the photos pop out in certain ways, & therefore I use tools such as Adobe Photoshop & Lightroom. I also do graphics in Adobe & Canva.

Nature photography

Adventure & experience photography​

Sustainability & minimalism photography

Want to collaborate?​

Need someone to capture moments, beauty & truth? Or just need a photographer for something else? I'm always up for an informal talk about different projects. Contact me & let's talk.