A photography field trip to the lovely Gammel Løgten

I’ve been living in Denmark for 3 years now and I’m completely mind-blown over how many beautiful areas I haven’t known about until now. Bless photography for bringing me back to nature. I had another mind-blowing field trip last Monday to Gammel Løgten, not so far from Aarhus city. I used 3 hours just walking and stopping every 2 metres to capture some beauty. And oh boy, did I capture a lot of photos that day.

This field trip was just filled with so many emotions. There was the silence of the seaside and the subtle summer feeling from the warm grass. I found small surprises everywhere, like seeing two ladybugs and a grasshopper resting on a tree. The forest area felt almost alive, as there were just so many sounds everywhere. Despite appearing so calm from the outside. I hope I managed to capture some of the feelings in my photos below – gladly give me feedback!

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