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The Future of Denmark’s Nature | Event: “Naturmødet 2019″/”The People’s Festival of Nature”

Tomorrow, many things will be decided for the future of Denmark, and also on the behalf of the voiceless Denmark; our nature and the life in it. The Danish General election will take place, and I’m left to watch unfold on the sideline due to my Estonian citizenship.

Participating at Naturmødet gave me a sense of inclusion to what could unravel, when politics and nature met at the Thunderdome stage from the 14th-16th of May. Important questions were asked to enlighten and initiate reflection in the public. Questions to dig deeper into the understanding of nature, and how these questions are further incorporated into politics.

The dimmed lights, stern voices, laughter and the silence of the focused audience put the mood of the Thunderdome stage. The debate hosts, Mette Walsted Vestergaard, and Anders Lund Madsen, were on stage to ask the right questions, enhance certain important aspects – or just put the debaters in place when slightly moving away from their original principles.

The agenda: EU-debate, Denmark and nature, and how wildlife and the public can co-exist.

Denmark and nature

The politicians spoke in a respective manner, there was laughter, teasing – and even a consensus that nature, climate, and the environment should take a bigger part of the budget of the Danish Parliament. But what choice is there really, when the public demand more focus on the green? The question then is; how true will the politicians stay to their word?

Can wildlife and the public co-exist?

How much of an impact will a fence have? Will it lock us out from nature, or will we lock nature in? 

This debate was a more fierce one, when arguments like “Will cyclists and horseback riders then lose the right to use the trails already existing, for the sake of nature?” and “Can’t we just leave nature alone, and let it prosper?”

Some ethical questions, some rational. But at this point, could we be willing to leave a bit of our comfort zone behind for the sake of nature’s survival?


A mixture of politicians and specialist took the stage to talk about the current status on climate, nature and environment regarding the European Parliamentary election.

As we can now see, putting climate and nature on the agenda has a significant impact. The results were clear for the European elections 2019: the “green wave” has swept clearly across the shores of politics, especially in countries such as France and Germany.

The questions now are: how will the future of Denmark’s nature look like? Will politics and nature co-exist? How much will the public set aside their former principles, for the sake of nature? Is it still too early to understand the magnitude of our climate breakdown?

Tomorrow, the answers will be there.

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