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Event: “Nature conservation in Denmark” | Danmarks Naturfredningsforening

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It was a beautiful day yesterday, when a lot of people gathered at the Botanical Garden in Aarhus. The reason? The Danish People’s Party wants to remove the autonomy of The Danish society for Nature Conservation’s (Danmarks Naturfredningsforening) to propose preservation of Danish nature. This could have a huge impact on nature, wildlife and the biodiversity in Denmark. And let’s not forget that all nature matters during the climate change crisis.


Digital Voice

Therefore, a lot of people met up to support this organization – including our little humble gang from Forests of the World (Verdens Skove). We got a sunny morning, some Danish flags, powerful words, laughter, freestyle rap and -7 degrees. It was perfect. This event happened at 39 different places in Denmark, so let’s see what happens! No matter what, it was beautiful to see so many people engaging in this matter.

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