Digital Voice

Amateur Photographer
for TrueStory Visual


The slightly odd International chick is back, and this time with a new set of skills combined with the former experience working with you guys. Since last time I’ve been playing around with my new DSLR camera, Canon EOS 77d,  and my little action-camera, GoPro Hero 6. These tools enable me to capture moments both in peaceful, authentic settings, but also during action filled experiences – both below and underwater.

And as you know, I’m a Norwegian based in Denmark aka I can be a flexi-photographer both in Denmark and Norway.

Photography areas

I’ve played around with different areas within photography, but where I feel my own authentic expression comes forth through photography, are these following areas:

✓ Events
✓ Action & underwater experiences
✓ Nature & animals
✓ Travel
✓ Food (preferably organic, sustainability & vegetarian/vegan oriented)


Action & underwater

Nature & animals



Style & creativity

One of the reasons for my investment in photography, is that it allows me to capture beautiful, raw and authentic moments, both in social and nature related settings. I play around with depth, contrasts and light to really sease the atmosphere, and to give a slight trigger in emotions that will give a longer imprint of the moments captured. Colors are also an essential part of my photography, and I like to keep a consistent color scheme throughout a photoshoot, which makes it easier to use the photos in other settings – such as marketing and branding – where consistency is needed.

All of this combined, and with a touch of my own creativity, I wish to captivate people with the beauty I see in those moments, and the feelings behind it.


Photo editing & Lightroom

One of my favourite parts of photography and the creative aspect of it, is photo editing. This is the area where I feel I can bring forth my creativity even further, and enhance the emotions and beauty. I use both Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. Lightroom is especially a great tool to use, if you want to create a consistent set of pictures, using Presets.